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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy 

I do not make a clear distinction between counselling and psychotherapy.  Counselling is usually shorter-term and might be focussed on a specific issue, whilst psychotherapy tends to be a longer-term and more wide-ranging exploration of yourself and your life.  

Both are about having a confidential, safe space to talk about yourself and your concerns.  I aim to offer you a supportive and non-judgemental relationship in which you can explore whatever is troubling you in life, express your feelings and thoughts, and come to a clearer understanding of yourself.  

How do I work?

I trained first as a Gestalt counsellor and then as an existential psychotherapist.  This means that I draw on philosophy as well as psychology, and I believe that we are each seeking to make our lives meaningful in our own personal way.  Therapy is concerned with exploring and clarifying your choices, values, or meanings, and addressing how you deal with the inevitable challenges of life. It aims to help you understand yourself, how you might repeat patterns of behaviour or relationship which are limiting or destructive, and how you might make different choices for yourself in the future. 

My role is to listen to you and pay close attention to how you understand yourself and your life.  I might ask you questions to clarify some matters, or sometimes to challenge how you think about things.  But I won’t be giving you advice or telling you how to live your life. 

counselling and psychotherapy London